COBO Construction Print

zyra-1The builder of secure fundaments, the architect of luxurious residencies, the sculptor of white marble, the designer of green gardens, the curator of the sea breeze, salty wave and sunshine in your house is “Çobo construction”.

The company “Çobo shpk” was founded in 1990. Its commercial activity started with the import and sale of house appliances and alimentary products. Growing and strengthening, “Çobo shpk” became one of the shareholders of the wheat and flour processing factory “Loulis” in Tirana and marked, in 2002, the expansion of its business with a new branch: “Çobo construction”.
Thanks to the seriousness and correctness and the respect for the law, ”Çobo shpk” and “Çobo construction” as developing branches are regular and honoured tax-payers in Vlora.